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26 Apr 2019

Ivermectin for malaria transmission control: WHO Technical Consultation

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Ivermectin for malaria transmission control: WHO Technical Consultation meeting report

Ivermectin is an antihelminthic drug used to control several neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). It has also been found to kill Anopheles mosquitoes that ingest it in a blood meal. As a result, the community administration of ivermectin may have the potential to reduce malaria transmission by acting as an Anopheles adulticide. This approach could be used to complement other measures used for vector control, targeting outdoor biting and crepuscular vectors that are less affected by LLINs and IRS. In view of this potential, and in light of the persistent gaps in evidence, clear guidance for the research and development of this tool is needed.

This document summarizes the outcomes of a WHO technical consultation meeting on ivermectin for malaria transmission control, in which the current understanding of these issues was reviewed and a cohesive strategy for the next steps laid out. The target product profile developed at this WHO technical consultation is presented for consideration by the WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee.