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23 Feb 2022

MESA Webinars - Science for Malaria Impact: Recap

MESA Webinars - Science for Malaria Impact:

The MESA Webinars bring together the malaria community of innovators and showcase the work of malaria-endemic researchers by featuring two researchers. These one-hour sessions will cover a range of topics, from social sciences to entomology, through insecticide drug resistance, stratification and genomics.

Recap the different MESA Webinars:

MESA Webinar 1 - Listening to the community: malaria from a health system and equity perspective

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MESA Webinar 2 - New Approaches to Improve Malaria Mosquito Surveillance and Control

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MESA Webinar 3 - Integrating Genomics into the Malaria Interventions Toolbox

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MESA Webinar 4 - How to Tackle the Challenge of Insecticide and Drug Resistance with Innovative Approaches

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MESA Webinar 5 – Below the Target: Innovative Ways to Accelerate Increase in IPTp Coverage


MESA Webinar 6 – Malaria in the Shadows: Putting the Focus on the Challenges of P. vivax