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09 Nov 2018

Transition of Eave Tubes from Concept to Implementation


This project aims to conduct a large randomized controlled trial, complemented by a series of smaller implementation trials, to demonstrate the epidemiological impact of screening + eave tubes on malaria transmission, and identify appropriate routes to implementation and commercialization across different socio-economic sectors in Africa.

This strategy can work together with other types of indoor and outdoor traps in order to effectively control mosquito vectors. 

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Rationale and Abstract

The combination of household screening plus eave tubes (SET) is being evaluated in a large epidemiological Randomized Control Trial in Cote d’Ivoire. Based on a study protocol reviewed by the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group, 20 villages in the Bouake area of Cote d’Ivoire have been selected to receive insecticide-treated eave tubes together with untreated window screening as a protective intervention, and 20 control villages are included for comparative baseline control measurements. Impacts of screening plus the insecticide-treated eave tubes on resistant mosquito populations and malaria transmission will be monitored during a 2-year period. Social science and economic studies are included to assess acceptability, community engagement and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to this large-scale phase III trial the product developer, In2Care, is tasked to set up scalable production processes and deliver sustainable business models for effective distribution and uptake of eave tubes by the end of the 5-year project. This will involve the development of low-cost mass-scale production processes, automated and quality-controlled insecticide applicators, and high-throughput cleaning machines for reusing the eave tube inserts. Appropriate tools for timely and cost-efficient installation of screening and eave tubes will also be developed. Product lifetime of eave tube inserts will be evaluated against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, and the effectiveness optimized by adjusting the insecticide powder applications. Implementation of pilots in several malaria-endemic regions will serve to assess different routes to market and optimize the commercial viability of the eave tube product.

Study Design

Large-scale phase III randomized trial