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11 May 2021

A country on the verge of malaria elimination – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The aim was to perform a review to identify the control strategies that have contributed to the achievements of Saudi Arabia on its way to malaria elimination (1980-2012 period).

Rationale and Abstract

The current elimination strategy in Saudi Arabia focuses mainly on:
a) targeting high risk areas for sustained preventative measures such as long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs) and indoor residual spraying (IRS);
b) management of infection through rapid confirmed diagnosis and treatment;
c) individual case follow up and reactive surveillance with appropriate treatment and vector control; and
d) active case detection at borders with screening and treatment.

Study Design

Data were identified by literature searches of PubMed and general searches using the Google and WHO search engines. The National Malaria Control Programme provided access to archived annual reports and statistical data. Malaria data was obtained from the Ministry of Health annual statistical reports (1980–2012).