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21 Jul 2021

MRC Call for Applications: Infections and Immunity Programme Grant

Programme grants from the Medical Research Council's (MRC) provide large, long-term and renewable programme funding for researchers working in the area of infections and immunity research. They aim to help the medical science community to ‘think bigger’.

MRC award programme grants to UK-based research organisations. Programme grants are usually based within an academic institution which has the variety of expertise and disciplines to undertake the programme. Applications are typically for funding of £1 million or more. Programmes last up to five years.


  • Any UK-based researcher with an employment contract at an eligible research organisation can apply for a programme grant. You will need to show that you will direct the proposed research yourself and be actively involved in the work.
  • You must have:
    • a graduate degree, although we expect most applicants to have a PhD or medical degree
    • a substantial record of securing research funding and delivering high-quality research.
  • You can include one or more industry partners as project partners in your application.
  • You can also include international co-investigators if they provide expertise that is not available in the UK.

What MRC is looking for?

  • Discovery research relating to human pathogens, pathogenicity, antimicrobial resistance, host pathogen responses including inflammation and the development function and disorders of the immune system where this informs mechanism of disease. Immune disease including allergy (except asthma and other organ-based disorders), transplantation immunology, systemic immune disorders and auto-immune disease. Including use of in silico systems, relevant animal models and experimental studies in humans throughout the lifecourse
  • Population-level research, using epidemiological, genetic and ‘omic approaches, and computational modelling, to elucidate disease risks, aetiologies and progression, and to understand the evolution of pathogen populations and epidemic preparedness
  • Research to inform novel strategies for preventing and controlling infectious and immune disease, including vector control, predictive modelling and early development research to inform future intervention strategies including vaccines.

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Application deadline September 8, 2021.