Meet the MESA Correspondents that will cover the PAMCA Conference & Exhibition 2021

The MESA Correspondent volunteers report on the latest in malaria research from conferences around the world. The synopses are shared online, enabling people who could not attend the meeting to read about the latest advances. The MESA Correspondents Program is a collaboration between MESA and the conference organizers.

Stella Riunguh, Amelie Wamba, Eggrey Aisha Kambewa, Mauro Pazmino Betancourth, Udoka Nwangwu, Thoan Ho Dac, Faith Hungwe and Jackson Nyarko will cover the science and discussions from the Virtual PAMCA Conference & Exhibition 2021 which will take place online on September 20 – 22, 2021. Summaries will be posted online on the MESA Correspondents page.

Stella Riunguh is a Ph.D. candidate in Kenya, pursuing a doctorate in Development Studies at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Her research interests are in the livelihood of small-scale farmers in rural Kenya. Part of her research focuses on improved health as a livelihood outcome. Being a MESA Correspondent will be a great opportunity to acquire the latest information and knowledge on Malaria status and prevalence.

Amelie Wamba Ndongmo Regine is a PhD candidate in Biochemistry (pending defence) from the University of Yaoundé I Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases (CRID), Cameroon. She is investigating the role of cytochrome P450s in insecticide resistance observed in malaria vectors across Africa. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow (Leadership in Public Management) of 2019 from GSU, Atlanta, USA. Her interests are in innovative genome editing like CRISPR-Cas9 technology in gene drive and youth leadership for improving the living and health standards of local communities. Being a MESA Correspondent is an invaluable resource to grow my experience, widen my scope and increase my visibility as a budding researcher in the Malaria World.

Eggrey Aisha Kambewa is a junior researcher under the Partnership for Increasing the Impact of Vector Control (PIIVEC) at Malaria Alert Centre in Malawi. Her interests are in vector control and vector behaviour and her research is on malaria vector feeding patterns in Malawi. Being a MESA Correspondent will give me an opportunity to learn current malaria research being done.


Mauro Pazmino Betancourth is a PhD student at University of Glasgow with a research focus on quantum cascade lasers and their application in spectroscopy for mosquito surveillance. PAMCA annual conference is one of the most important events related to vector-borne diseases and it is a great opportunity to
communicate research to a wider audience. I believe it is my duty to serve the community by strengthening my public engagement skills, and I look forward to doing so as a MESA correspondent volunteer

Udoka Chukwubuofu Nwangwu is currently working as a Research Entomologist with the National Arbovirus and Vectors Research Centre (NAVRC), Enugu (Nigeria). His research focuses on the control of malaria and arbovirus vectors. Working as a MESA Correspondent is a huge opportunity to serve, link up and learn the latest advances (from some of the best) in malaria research.


Thoan Ho Dac has worked for the Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology (IMPE) Quy Nhon, Vietnam. IMPE Quy Nhon belongs to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and it is responsible for malaria, parasite and entomology control in 15 provinces of Central and West Highland in Vietnam. Working as a MESA Correspondent is an opportunity to learn about how to tackle Anopheles resistance to insecticides and malaria parasite resistance to ACT, and also to improve my writing skills as well as obtaining more knowledge in doing malaria research.


Faith Hungwe is a young Zimbabwean research scientist who is currently volunteering at the Botswana-University of Pennsylvania Partnership (Botswana). She is currently involved in a project that aims to identify Wolbachia genes in wild Aedes spp. populations This project forms part of her relentless effort in pursuing natural alternative vector control approaches that can be feasibly implemented in Southern Africa. Effectively influencing society through words is what MESA correspondents aim to do and I am thrilled to be a part of such a team one more time as this will shape me into a better scientist through the skills gained.

Jackson Nyarko is a medical entomologist working as a Research Assistant and Quality Assurance officer at the CREC/LSHTM Collaborative Research Programme under the ministry of health of the Republic of Benin. Jackson believes that harnessing his literary skills with scientific communication is a great way to showcase the great works that scientists are doing especially in malaria research to policy implementers and people who need our results most. I am very excited to be a MESA Correspondent for the 2021
Virtual PAMCA Conference and Exhibition in this regard


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