Meet the MESA Correspondents that will cover the ICPVR2022

The MESA Correspondent volunteers report on the latest in malaria research from conferences around the world. The synopses are shared online, enabling people who could not attend the meeting to read about the latest advances. The MESA Correspondents Program is a collaboration between MESA and the conference organizers.

Melina Florez-Cuadros, Varun Gorki, Neha Sylvia Walter and Duru Vincent will cover the science and discussions from the 8th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (ICPVR) 2022 which will take place 100% online on April 5 – 8, 2022. Summaries will be posted online on the MESA Correspondents page.


Melina Florez-Cuadros works at the Naval Medical Research Unit Nº6 through the Vysnova, Inc. in Peru. She holds a PhD in Entomology and is also a DVM. Currently, she is part of the Immunology team developing prophylactic treatments and vaccines against multiple human pathogens such as malaria. The opportunity to volunteer as MESA Correspondent would help me to learn even more about malaria, because in addition to attending the talks, writing about them will drive me to really understand the topic. 


Varun Gorki is a researcher at the Department of Zoology, Panjab University Chandigarh, India, working on drug designing and discovery by exploring the isolation, screening of natural and synthetic compounds (In vitro Plasmodium falciparum resistant and sensitive strains and in vivo against Plasmodium berghei NK-65 and ANKA) in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry department of Panjab University. Also, I am exploring immuno-chemotherapy (using TLRs agonists) as a novel approach to treat malaria employing genetic tools. I am confident that my affiliation with MESA will broaden my social and scientific horizons, and it will serve as an excellent platform for building a strong network with outstanding scientists.

Dr. Neha Sylvia Walter is a project Scientist-D at the Department of Medical Parasitology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India, currently working on clinical samples of neurocysticercosis. Her primary research focuses on the screening of novel molecules and drug candidates (natural products, synthetic compounds, drug-repurposing) against Plasmodium, especially asexual blood stages to explore new therapeutic interventions to contain the disease. In addition, she is also interested in understanding the immune mechanisms underlying disease pathogenesis. Working as a MESA Correspondent at ICPVR2022 would provide me with an excellent chance to learn about new discoveries in parasitology and will also enhance my professional network and interactions with experts.

Duru Vincent Chiagozie is a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Parasitology and Entomology, Faculty of Biosciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria, with an interest in non-falciparum malaria parasites biology. Attending this ICPVR 2022 is a great opportunity to learn about the latest research and progress in P. vivax research and the rare privilege of serving as a MESA Correspondent would afford me the opportunity of relaying the activities at the conference to others who were not privileged to be in attendance.​


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