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25 Apr 2022

All you need to know about... the MESA Deep Dives

What are the Deep Dives?

The Deep Dives show -as far as possible- the state of the art of the main malaria research topics. Taking MESA Track as the information source, the Deep Dives gather all the projects around a specific research question and classify them according to research areas, timelines and geographic locations. The Deep Dives also include information on funding sources, principal institutions and principal investigators














What is the mission of the Deep Dives?

The Deep Dives aim to be a “one-stop-shop” where the malaria community can glance at the research being done in a specific area, with details of the questions that are being addressed, the methods used, and the results obtained. They are similar to systematic reviews of published evidence, but differ in that the Deep Dives collect a broader scope of methodologies, and focus not only on the published results but also the ongoing research and the characteristics of the projects themselves.

Why the Deep Dives?

In order to progress, the malaria community has the need to analyze the research landscape and resource allocation in specific research areas, as well as the need to identify knowledge and funding gaps. In this sense, the Deep Dives are a user-friendly tool that provides highly valuable information to researchers, policy-makers and funding agencies. 

What do the Deep Dives bring you?

If you are...

  • ...planning to start a new project or to apply for a new grant, the Deep Dives allow you to avoid duplications and start collaborations by checking which projects were recently completed and might have published results, as well as which projects are about to start and will have published results in the future.
  • ...leading a project that is part of a Deep Dive collection, the Deep Dives will give you visibility and will connect you with other professionals in the same field.
  • ...a policy-maker or a member of a funding agency → the Deep Dives will help you identify relevant projects that can inform evidence-based policy-making processes and funding frameworks, strategies and decisions.

Where can you find the Deep Dives?

Deep Dives are part of the MESA Track tool. For that reason you will find them on the MESA website, under the MESA Track section:

All the Deep Dives are periodically disseminated through our social media and newsletter.

How can your project be part of the Deep Dives?

All contributions to the MESA Deep Dives are welcome! If you are currently involved or planning research activities in malaria, please submit your project form or contact and tell us about your project. 

What are the topics collected in the Deep Dives?

Find more information about the development of the Deep Dives here.

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