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Resource compilation: Responding to the threat of Anopheles stephensi invasion

Published: 02/05/2023

This resource compilation can be found here in this collection. As of February 2024 all subsequent updates will be made in the collection.


In October 2019, the WHO Global Malaria Program (GMP) released a Vector alert which identified the invasion of Anopheles stephensi as a major potential threat to malaria control and elimination in the Horn of Africa and Sri Lanka. Due to the detection of An. stephensi in other parts of Africa, this alert was later updated in December, 2019 and January 2023. A WHO initiative was also launched in September 2022 to support an effective response to An. stephensi on the African continent.

These documents released by WHO offer guidance on surveillance, detection, control and potential elimination of An. stephensi. They also encourage a harmonized approach to mapping and reporting areas in which it has been detected and not found.

This MESA compilation brings together a list of resources available:

WHO guidance

WHO meeting reports

WHO tracking

WHO Media

  1. The spread of Anopheles stephensi in Africa (2023)
  2.  Malaria response in Urban Areas (2023)
  3. Updated WHO guidance for monitoring resistance in mosquito vectors (2022)
  4. Regional Online Training of Trainers on Vector Surveillance and Control (2022) – Session 5: Invasive Anopheles stephensi, an additional challenge.


Resources and reference material:

Detection and Identification tools:

Insecticides – resistance and efficacy:

Peer reviewed publications:


Virtual events and conferences:

Published: 02/05/2023

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