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24 Nov 2023

pfhrp2/3 Planner

pfhrp2/3 Planner

The pfhrp2/3 Planner is an interactive web-based app that can be used to design a pfhrp2/3 deletion study and to analyse the results of such a study. This tool was developed by Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez and Bob Verity, Malaria Modelling Group, Imperial College London, in collaboration with the Global Malaria Programme, World Health Organisation (WHO).

If you want more background information on the method, or want to perform more advanced analyses, take a look at the DRpower R package that underpins the pfhrp2/3 Planner. It is intended for those with some coding ability. The website contains a detailed description of the method assumptions, and tutorials on how to interact with the package. 
Citation: Verity B (2023). DRpower: Study design and analysis for pfhrp2/3 deletion prevalence studies. R package version 0.1.0.




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