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14 Dec 2018

MPAC conclusions and recommendations: March 2015

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MPAC conclusions and recommendations: March 2015

This article provides a summary of the discussions, conclusions and recommendations from the March 2015 MPAC meeting.

Meeting sessions included: 1. Update from the WHO Global Malaria Programme and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership; 2. GMP strategy refresh and policy-setting; 3. Malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong subregion; 4. Malaria terminology and proposed ERG on malaria in pregnancy; 5. Update from the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group; 6. Consultation on the feasibility of malaria eradication; 7. G6PD testing to support safe use of anti-relapse therapy for P. vivax; and 8. Update on the latest RTS,S results and analysis.

Policy statements, position statements, and guidelines that arise from the MPAC meeting conclusions and recommendations will be formally issued and disseminated to World Health Organization Member States by the World Health Organization Global Malaria Programme.