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20 Sep 2022

Malaria Policy Advisory Group (‎MPAG)‎ meeting report: April 2021

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Malaria Policy Advisory Group (MPAG) meeting report: April 2021

On 13–15 April 2021, the WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Group (MPAG) convened virtually to review updates and progress, and to provide guidance on thematic areas of work by the Global Malaria Programme. The meeting focused on 9 topics: 1) “Rethinking Malaria”; 2) clinical malaria: parasite density analysis and implications for diagnostic test specifications; 3) an update on the situation of antimalarial drug efficacy and resistance in Africa; 4) a proposed technical consultation to stage P. knowlesi along the continuum between zoonosis and human pathogen; 5) an update on the threat of pfhrp2/3 deletions in the Horn of Africa; 6) a proposed technical consultation on the response to malaria in urban areas; 7) an update on guidance for severe malaria; 8) an update on work related to implementing a revised classification of insecticide treated net products; and 9) an update on Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination (DSME) surveillance.

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