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29 May 2023

Malaria chemoprevention: preferred product characteristics

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Malaria chemoprevention: preferred product characteristics

Preferred product characteristics” (PPCs) are key tools to incentivize and guide the development of urgently needed health products. The PPCs published here aim to articulate the public health need, preferred characteristics, and clinical development considerations for drugs for malaria chemoprevention. WHO recommends several chemoprevention strategies for malaria control, including seasonal malaria chemoprevention, perennial malaria chemoprevention, intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy, and mass drug administration. These strategies face a number of challenges such as suboptimal adherence and coverage and the emergence and spread of drug resistance. This document presents PPCs for the development of drugs for malaria chemoprevention in children, in pregnancy and in non-immune travellers, and outlines potential clinical development approaches, including the repurposing of approved malaria treatments for use as chemoprevention, recombining approved individual drugs into new combinations for malaria prevention, and the development of new drug combinations specifically for chemoprevention.

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