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26 Jul 2023

ACT Consortium website

The ACT Consortium was an international research collaboration which ran from 2007-2016 and did a series of implementation research studies to answer key questions on malaria drug delivery in Africa and Asia. Its goal was to develop and evaluate delivery mechanisms to improve ACT access, targeting, safety and quality. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and coordinated by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the Consortium comprised 24 institutions working on 17 projects in 10 malaria endemic countries. In addition to project-specific outputs the Consortium developed a range of cross-cutting resources and outputs including:

  • Guidance on Multidisciplinary Research, including Health Economics, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Sampling, RDT Programme Evaluation, and Social Science
  • Policy Briefs
  • Training Resources
  • ACT Consortium Data Repository
  • Malaria diagnosis and treatment: a Starter Kit to develop interventions in endemic countries

These resources are available in French and Portuguese in addition to English.

In recognition of the rich and relevant results and resources stored on the ACT consortium website and in alignment with MESA’s mission to share knowledge and catalyze research, MESA will facilitate access to the findings and useful resources created by the ACT consortium.


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