Last Updated

22 Jun 2021

Malaria Control across China-Myanmar Border Areas


The objectives of this project are:

  • To reduce the malaria burden of frequently mobile Chinese workers crossing the common border with Myanmar from 12 project counties of 5 prefectures in Yunnan; and
  • To reduce the malaria burden of Myanmar local residents in 4 Kachin Special Regions of Myanmar bordering with Yunnan.
Rationale and Abstract


  • To promote comprehensive malaria prevention and care services for 1 million frequently mobile Chinese workers (FMCWs) before going to Myanmar and after coming back from China in the 12 project border counties of Yunnan, China.
  • To improve accessibility and quality of malaria control service for FMCWs and Myanmar local residents in the 4 special regions of Myanmar in the China-Myanmar border areas.
  • To establish border-crossing malaria surveillance system, information exchange and collaboration mechanism; and strengthen the capacity of health officers in health system management, and malaria control knowledge.


  • On the China–Myanmar border, 8 mobile medical teams and 73 malaria consultation posts were established to provide malaria diagnosis and treatment services to the mobile workers crossing the border (ref).