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10 May 2022

IPTi Effect: Nigeria operational feasibility and effectiveness of IPTi


The primary objective of the project is to catalyze decision making in Nigeria regarding the policy adoption of SP-IPTi.

And the secondary objectives: 

  1. Engage with and involve national stakeholders from the start of the project to advance understanding of SP-IPTi and address barriers to uptake;
  2. Ensure SP-IPTi collaboration and prioritization by both NMEP and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) - responsible for EPI;
  3. To measure the effectiveness of SP-IPTi when delivered through EPI using 3-touchpoints;
  4. To measure the incremental effectiveness of adding two additional touchpoints using an existing complementary platform;
  5. To assess the operational feasibility of implementing SP-IPTi via 3- and 5-touchpoints, using context-relevant solutions/ mitigations to key barriers/ bottlenecks;
  6. To use the findings to inform Nigeria’s health policy makers' decision making on the adoption and scale up of SP-IPTi and transition to domestic and other funding sources (if research findings support the adoption and scale up of SP-IPTi)

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2020 Dec - 2024 Oct

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