About the data


MESA Track is a living database of malaria projects that enables malaria professionals to know who is doing what, where, and when to expect new results. It serves as a platform for robust up-to-date discussions within the malaria space and encourages networking among principal investigators, research institutions, national program managers and staff, policymakers, implementers, funding agencies, a base for prioritization for funding and identification of gaps in knowledge and funding. In short, MESA Track aims to facilitate global engagement. MESA Track includes projects active from 2012 onwards.


We work closely with stakeholders to populate the database with up-to-date information through the following channels:

Institutional portfolios

The MESA team reaches out to focal points of contact at an institution or vice-versa to share information on malaria projects. Institutions preferring to manage their own portfolios can directly upload (or update) their portfolio in the MESA Track database by obtaining login credentials from the MESA team (mesa@isglobal.org). Ifakara Health Institute is one such institution that continuously updates their own portfolio for the benefit of all.

Thematic reviews

MESA conducts evidence review exercises called ‘Deep Dives’ in order to gather projects around a specific research question.

Direct submission by project focal persons

Projects can be added to the platform through the Add your malaria project page or through our contact form.

Data protection

MESA Track is a user-friendly, open-access database on what research is being done and what questions are being asked in the global malaria space. It is a tool for all malaria stakeholders to track and monitor the progress being made in the research agenda.

The MESA Track database is hosted on a server in Spain and adheres to Spanish and EU data protection law. We follow the core principles of data processing – fair and transparent data processing.

Information can be removed, or updated at any time upon legitimate request of a partner directly involved in the project.
For queries regarding data protection, please email MESA at mesa@isglobal.org.