About The Data


MESA Track includes projects which are pertinent to the malaria science, with a previous focus more toward elimination and eradication agenda but had since expanded due to changing priority in the landscape. We used malERA (malaria eradication research agenda) as a guide and discuss with the partners what they see as relevant to malaria elimination.

Projects active in 2012 and onwards are included. Literature reviews and other publications are not included in MESA Track. These resources are being captured in MESA's Resource Hub.

Updating the information

MESA Track is a living database; we’re continually reaching out to more partners to get involved. If you don’t see your project in the MESA Track database and would like to get involved, please submit your information through this online form.

Data protection

The aim of MESA Track is to produce a user-friendly, open-access database on what research is being done and what questions are being asked in the scientific field of malaria elimination and eradication. We want this tool to be helpful for the wider malaria community. MESA will use MESA Track to monitor the progress being made in the research agenda.

The MESA Track database is hosted in a server in the UK and adheres to UK and EU data protection law. With this consultative approach with partners, we follow the core principles of data processing - fair and transparent data processing.

Information can be removed, or updated at any time upon legitimate request of a partner directly involved in the project. For queries regarding data protection, please email MESA on mesa@isglobal.org at any time.