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10 Jan 2023

The 2nd International Conference of The Society for Vector Ecology (iSOVECON2023)

The Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE) is a professional organization formed in 1968 by a group of individuals involved in vector biology and control programs in California, USA. The parent SOVE board at their 47th annual SOVE conference in Anchorage, Alaska USA resolved to establish SOVE Indian Region and entrusted Dr. Ashwani Kumar with the responsibility.

The Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE), India in collaboration with ICMR-Vector Control Research Centre, Puducherry will organize its Second International Conference (iSOVECON2023) and invites you to participate.

Date: March 13 - 16, 2023

Place: ICMR-VCRC, Puducherry, India

Aims and Objectives:

The overall objectives of SOVE are to promote ...

  • Science of vector ecology and vector-borne diseases on a global basis, especially in the countries in Indian subcontinent region
  • Research and management of disease vectors and nuisance organisms emphasizing ecological principles and integrated vector management strategies
  • Development of technical and administrative skills in the implementation of vector management programs
  • Dissemination of technical, organizational and administrative information to Society members and others concerned
  • To promote involvement of students and research scholars in the field of vector ecology and management of vector borne diseases


  1. COVID and Vector Borne Diseases (VBDs)
  2. Biosecurity: Vector Surveillance and Control at Points of Entry (PoE)
  3. Cutting edge approaches to address VBDs threats- now and the future
  4. Arboviral diseases: Fastest emerging and re-emerging threats to Public Health
  5. Scrub and Tick typhus: A stitch in time will save nine
  6. Capacity strengthening and Vector Control: A GVCR Approach
  7. LF, VL and Malaria elimination: Thinking right, fast and beyond
  8. Socioeconomics of VBDs-Financing and Equity issues

Pre-Conference Workshops: Three training workshops will be conducted a week prior to the iSOVECON2023 on Ticks, Mites and the Xenomonitoring of Vector Borne Diseases at the VCRC Puducherry. The dates and details will be announced in the final circular in Dec. 2022.

Important dates:

  1. Abstract/Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline - October 13, 2022
  2. Early Bird Registration Deadline - January 15, 2023
  3. Nominations/Applications for the Awards Deadline - January 31, 2023

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