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16 Sep 2022

Malaria diagnostics market and technology landscape (2022)

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Malaria diagnostics market and technology landscape - 4th edition (2022)

This landscape report looks at the market conditions and technology pipeline for malaria tests to determine opportunities for greater impact as well as gaps that, with swift and adequate action, can be addressed to improve malaria control efforts.

As the threat of resistance and biological threats expands, more diagnostic options are needed to support countries to deploy effective resistance management strategies. Notably, the report calls out the urgent need for high-quality tests for diagnosing malaria in settings where gene deletions in the malaria parasite are making detection more complex.

The report also assesses the technology pipeline, examining innovative and promising products in all stages of development, and evaluating needs to ensure they can succeed and reach those who need them. Research and development into new technologies and rapid tests that are effective in detecting evolving strains of malaria are urgently needed.


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