Last Updated: 21/03/2022

Novel organ-on-a-chip technology to study extracellular vesicles-mediated cryptic infections in Plasmodium vivax malaria (HIDDENVIVAX)


This project aims to develop a miniature model of human bone marrow and spleen (organ-on-a-chip technology) to investigate the parasite’s hiding places in the organism, uncover the role of the exosomes and eliminate malaria.

Principal Investigators / Focal Persons

Hernando A. Del Portillo Obando

Rationale and Abstract

Infectious diseases, many of them forgotten, kill 17 million people every year in the poorest regions on the planet. One such disease is malaria caused by the world’s most widely distributed malaria parasite, Plasmodium vivax.

One of the many unanswered questions is the origin of asymptomatic chronic infections with numerous epidemiological field studies supporting >90% of such infections. One hypothesis is that nanovesicles called exosomes, mediate cryptic infections in the human bone marrow and spleen, with clear implications for malaria elimination.


Oct 2021 — Oct 2024

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La Caixa Foundation

Caixa Research Health call
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