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14 Jan 2016

Understanding the impact of insecticide resistance on the efficacy of IRS and LLIN in 3 ecological settings (Mali, Benin and Nigeria)


Overall objective: 

To assess performances of LLIN/IRS in sites where Anopheles mosquitoes have developed resistance to insecticide in comparison to sites where Anopheles are susceptible to insecticides

Specific objectives:

1. To update data on insecticide resistance and determine resistance mechanism/s in the 3 target countries in order to identify appropriate study sites with the knock down and metabolic-based resistance mechanisms

2. To monitor entomological, parasitological and socio-anthropological indices of LLINs/IRS efficacy in selected study sites with and without insecticide resistance

3. To compare the performances of LLINs and IRS on entomologic indices (vector longevity, MBR and EIR) and malaria prevalence in localities whereAnopheles exhibit either the knock down resistance, metabolic-based resistance or both resistance mechanisms


Principal Investigator