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15 Jan 2020

Modelling to understand the potential impact of ivermectin on malaria transmission


The overall goal of this project is to investigate the potential impact of mass ivermectin distribution coadministered with mass screening and treatment or MDA on malaria transmission in different malaria-endemic settings.

The effect of IVM on mosquito mortality will be modelled in a 3-stage process: first, the pharmacokinetic profile of the drug will be estimated using data from the published literature. Second, a proportional hazards survival model will be fitted to vector survival data, incorporating the pharmacokinetic profile of IVM as a covariate. Finally, this will be incorporated into an existing malaria transmission model.

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Rationale and Abstract

Ivermectin (IVM), used alongside mass treatment strategies with an artemisinin combination therapy, has been suggested as a possible tool for reducing malaria transmission. Mosquitoes ingesting a bloodmeal containing IVM have increased mortality, reducing the probability that the parasite completes sporogony.


2012 Oct - 2015 Oct
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