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15 May 2015

Immunogenicity, Efficacy and Safety Study of an MSP3-LSP (Long Synthetic Peptide) Malaria Vaccine


The overall aim of this study is to study vaccine responses, biological safety parameters and immunological responses associated with protection from malaria. This study will be the fourth time that the malaria vaccine candidate, Merozoite Surface Protein - Long Synthetic Peptide (MSP3-LSP), will be tested in malaria endemic populations. In the past, the vaccine candidate proved to be safe for the phase IIb study in children to proceed.

This study will include children who will be randomly allocated to either receive the malaria vaccine adjuvanted with Aluminium Hydroxide or the Verorab control. Each participant will receive 3 immunizations. They will then be followed-up for immediate reactions to vaccination, extended safety profile and immunological response associated with protection from malaria. These children will be followed up for over a longer term of two years. Blood will be taken to evaluate the biological safety parameters and also the immune responses.

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