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23 Nov 2018

Highly-sensitive RDT evaluation study in Cambodia


The main objective of this project is to assess the performance of the highly-sensitive RDT for active case detection in risk groups.

Principal Institution(s)

Principal Investigator
Rationale and Abstract
  • Outcome measures: (Individual level) Diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity, specificity, Positive Predictive Value, Negative Predictive Value, interreader discordance + HRP2/3 deletions), stratified by estimated parasitemia
  • Gold standard: qPCR
  • Comparator: qPCR
  • Population selection criteria: Screening rounds in villages, inviting people with risk exposure to be tested (assumed high risk asymptomatic individuals)
  • Population sample size: 2008 
Study Design

Screening of asymptomatic high-risk population (pro and reactive case finding)