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22 Oct 2018

A field study comparing impact of new 'combination' long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) products on entomological measures of malaria transmission: Olyset Plus® and PermaNet 3.0® versus their 'conventional' LLIN analogues


This protocol compares two available and approved combination LLINs, the PermaNet 3.0® and the Olyset Plus® LLINs, in village-scale comparison assessments. 

The methodology involves estimating and comparing the impact of the LLINs on entomological measures of malaria vectorial capacity:  vector density, vector longevity, and vector sporozoite rate positivity, during a 12 month period. In addition, LLIN fabric integrity will be evaluated based on WHO criteria for assessment of LLIN durability. 

Results will be used to compare the relative impact of each product to existing LLIN technology (PermaNet 2.0®, and Olyset®).  A standard 'LLIN use' questionnaire (also based on WHO recommendations) will be administered to further analyze results.   

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Village-scale comparison assessments


2013 Aug - 2016 Dec

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