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27 Jul 2017

Data management and Biostatistics core (West Africa ICEMR)


The main goal of the Data Management and Biostatistics (DMB) Core is to develop a West/Central African independent center capable of collaborating with malaria investigators in producing malaria research with high standards. More specifically, the Core will aim to complement existing information technology to create a safe environment capable of maintaining a Data Management System compliant with adequate standards of confidentiality, security, and quality control. To facilitate communications, the core will also maintain appropriate Internet connections between investigators and the DMB Core staff in all study sites. Additionally, the Core will aim to provide support to investigators in study planning and conduct activities, in data management, and in study design, protocol development and data analysis. The DMB Core will be responsible for training and re-training investigators in study procedures and for providing short courses to investigators. The Data Management and Biostatistics core will be comprised of one central office (at the University of Bamako) and offices at the fours study sites (Basse, Thies, Dioro, and Kenieroba).

Data management and Biostatistics core (West Africa ICEMR)

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The end date of this core investment is in June 2017.


2010 Jul - 2017 Jun

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