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12 Apr 2022

Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN)


To support the work of the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network Vivax Working Group to enhance malaria control activities that will lead to regional elimination of malaria.

APMEN has three Working Groups (Surveillance & Response, Vector Control and Vivax) that represent the core technical areas where the capacity of National Malaria Programs needs to be assured for countries to reach malaria elimination. The Working Groups lie at the heart of APMEN’s technical expertise.

The three Working Groups share the common objectives of:

  • Providing a platform to share research and operational experience;
  • Sharing technical expertise between APMEN Country partners, where relevant and appropriate; and
  • Developing partnerships with key stakeholders involved in regional and sub-regional elimination efforts.
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2016 Nov - 2022 Apr

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Grant number: OPP1164105
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