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22 Sep 2022

Malaria surveillance assessment toolkit

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Malaria surveillance assessment toolkit

The malaria surveillance assessment toolkit provides a standardised but adaptable assessment framework and an associated package of tools which allows results to be compared between countries, between regions within a country, or over time. The assessment framework is based on four key objectives:  performance, context and infrastructure, technical and processes and behaviour. A set of associated sub-objectives and indicators are used to evaluate performance and the determinants of that performance. The toolkit consists of two modules specifically tailored to assess surveillance in burden reduction and/or elimination settings. A high-level surveillance assessment of other malaria control interventions and strategies can also be carried out to understand how data is collected and used alongside routine malaria case surveillance data.

Further details on the toolkit and a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a malaria surveillance assessment are shown in the Implementation Reference Guide. 
An Overview of the toolkit is also provided.


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