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17 Dec 2018

Keystone Symposia SciTalk 2017: Hannah Slater

In collaboration with the Keystone Symposia, MESA brings you this SciTalk from the "Malaria: From Innovation to Eradication" conference in Uganda, February 2017

Title: "Modelling malaria elimination strategies in Zambia"

Speaker: Hannah Slater, Imperial College London

In February 2017, malaria experts from around the world gathered in Kampala, Uganda at "Malaria: From Innovation to Eradication", a conference organized by Keystone Symposia in collaboration with MESA.  SciTalks are in-conference short talks and poster presentations recorded on video and shared on the Internet, and are designed to extend the reach of the science present within each Keystone Symposia conference.  

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Imperial College London, UK

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