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28 Jun 2022

Entomological Surveillance Planning Tool (ESPT) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Project


1. To promote question-based entomological surveillance and support wider uptake of the Entomological Surveillance Planning Tool (ESPT) through development and in-country evaluation of an ESPT information and communications technology (ICT) tool.

2. In Ethiopia use the ESPT ICT to develop entomological surveillance plans to address priority program questions on An. stephensi.

3. To promote wider uptake of the ESPT logic through a user-friendly, accessible, and interactive digital application. 

Principal Investigator
Rationale and Abstract

Currently no tools exist to support national malaria control programs (NMCPs) to design and develop entomological surveillance plans based on their priority program questions and available resources.

Study Design

The larger ESPT ICT project will be implemented in two phases:

Phase 1: to give stakeholders the opportunity to test and comment on the first workable prototype of the ESPT ICT (not content or functionally complete) to inform further development of the tool through user-centered design;

Phase 2: a three-country pilot employing a mixed-methods, uncontrolled, before and after study design to assess the contribution of the ESPT ICT on the target users’ knowledge, attitudes, and work practices.

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2022 Jan - 2023 Mar
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