What We Do

What We Do


We work in three strategic areas:

1. Continuously mapping and assessing the ongoing landscape of research and development activities to ensure that stakeholders and the scientific community are equipped with the knowledge of current focus and are informed for future decision-making on the direction of research: this includes the MESA Track tool, an effort to extract and disseminate findings in line with the activities mapped as resources to our audience, and the holistic exercise reflecting on the forward-looking priorities and challenges in the malERA and malERA Refresh series.

2. Creating effective avenues for stakeholders to share their missions and strategies, and to coordinate the direction of, support for and messaging behind malaria research: this includes facilitating meetings among key actors, (co)hosting fora for discussions on innovation and priorities on future agenda, and facilitating focus on specific priority areas.

3. Supporting various mechanisms to complement policymaking processes and strategy development exercises of key players through providing such mapping of activities and further assessment of the landscape: this includes in-depth analyses to support evidence review exercises conducted by WHO Global Malaria Programme and relevant groups, and producing specific reports.