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31 Jul 2019

Vaccine-related projects in the preclinical phase of development

TRANSVAC seeks to support vaccine-related projects currently in the preclinical phase of development with the aim to further support and accelerate vaccine-related projects by providing access to the services and expertise contained within the TRANSVAC Infrastructure. Most technologies and experience are thereby free of charge. Next deadline is Monday 5th August 2019.

TRANSVAC will not provide the Users with cash funding or any kind of financial support in the context of this call, it will exclusively offer users free access to its partners’ installations and services. There is no cost to the user for using their awarded service. TRANSVAC Services, which are not restricted to any disease in particular, are:

  • Platform Technology
  • Platform Immunocorrelates and System Biology
  • Platform Animal Models
  • Platform Clinical Trial Support

Eligible criteria:

  1. The User group leader and the majority of the Users in the group must work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State (Associated States: Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Armenia)
  2. Additionally, 20% of Users of a specific service can be of non-EU countries Associated to Horizon 2020 as listed in the document H2020 Programme Funding of applicants from non-EU countries & international organisations.
  3. The User group leader and the majority of the Users in the group must work in a different country than the TRANSVAC partner whose Service they wish to access (see table below)
  4. Only Users that are able to openly disseminate the results they have generated with the support of TRANSVAC may apply.


Above all, TRANSVAC is looking for innovative high-potential proposals of scientific excellence. Scientific excellence and feasibility will be the main criteria for selecting applications.

For more information see here