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06 May 2020

RSTMH Call for Applications: Small grants 2020

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) small grants of up to £5,000 are to enable early career researchers and global health professionals in the field of tropical medicine or global health to undertake clinical or scientific research or fieldwork, as stand-alone projects or distinct elements within a larger project.

Anyone in their early career (guidance provided), from any nationality based anywhere in the world, can apply. BUT only RSTMH’s members can receive the grant – if successful, applicants who are not already members will be asked to join the Society.

Priority thematic areas: 

  • Neglected tropical diseases, with a particular focus on their overlap with non-communicable diseases and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Malaria, with a particular focus on drug resistance
  • One Health and wider planetary health.
  • The consideration of human health alongside animal health and the environment, in the context of social, economic and political factors
  • Topical issues including, but not limited to, emerging diseases
  • Drug resistant infections

RSTMH expect candidates to be able to:

  • Carry out research under supervision,
  • Have the ambition to develop knowledge of research methodologies and discipline,
  • Have demonstrated a good understanding of a field of study,
  • Have demonstrated the ability to produce data under supervision,
  • Be capable of critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas,
  • Explain the outcome of research and value thereof to research colleagues.

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Applications deadline April 15, 2020.