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13 Dec 2018

MalariaX: a free, self-paced online course

With 'MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe', a free, self-paced online course, learners can explore cutting-edge science and examine policies needed to control and eliminate malaria.

More than 3,650 people from more than 150 countries are enrolled in MalariaX to stay up-to- date on malaria findings and take advantage of the course’s real-world case studies, illustrative SimState scenarios lectures, and interactive course resources. Lecture transcripts will be available in French in November. Enroll today!

MalariaX is a valuable and timeless resource that I believe will help educate and train a new generation of public health leaders, who are responding to the challenges of malaria around the world.” – Professor Dyann Wirth, MalariaX Course Director.

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