Last Updated

21 Jan 2021

Fight Malaria is looking for an individual to take on the project

Fight Malaria assimilates malaria research and communicates key findings in podcast form. It also interviews scientists and decision-makers from around the world. Fight Malaria was created in 2016 by Thomas Locke, a student in the UK, to improve public understanding of the disease, since then Fight Malaria has had one objective: to make malaria research more accessible.

Fight Malaria is looking for an individual (or organisation) to take on the project and continue to make malaria research more accessible

There are no formal requirements for taking on the project, but you must be passionate about malaria research and want to share it with the public. You should also have good communication skills and the ability to condense complex information. If you already have a blog or podcast (or are keen to venture into those mediums), this could be a perfect opportunity.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll be part of a mission to democratise malaria research, making papers and reports more accessible to the public.
  • You’ll have a head-start, with nearly 2,000 Twitter followers, optimised search engine performance and access to a global audience.
  • You’ll gain invaluable experience in communications.

If you’d like to consider taking on the project (or know an individual or organisation that might) please do get in touch. Send an email to with your details and thoughts. No pre-determined vision of what this transition might look like so share any and all thoughts at the stage. Thomas is looking forward to discussing plans soon!

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