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19 Sep 2019

E-Panel and live Q&A: "Accelerate to Equal: Engaging Women in Vector Control"

Virtual Keystone Symposia "Accelerate to Equal: Engaging Women in Vector Control"

Date: October 1, 2019

Time: 13:00 UTC (GMT) – 7AM MDT (USA) | 16:00 EAT (Kenya) | 20:00 WIB (Indonesia)

Women’s role in combatting vector-borne disease threats is often overlooked.  Women hold unique positions as primary caretakers and social mobilizers, both within their households and broader communities, which may be leveraged to improve uptake and sustainability of vector control strategies. In addition, engaging women in vector control provides opportunities to increase their role as decision-makers and leaders, enhancing their agency and potentially improving their economic independence through employment or micro-enterprises.

This Keystone Symposia virtual event will discuss various aspects of women as valuable agents in vector-control initiatives, in the context of the global malaria epidemic.


  • Shannon Weiman, PhD, Scientific Communications Manager, Keystone Symposia


  • Mary H. Hayden, PhD, MA, University of Colorado
  • Kacey C. Ernst, PhD, MPH, University of Arizona
  • Helen Amegbletor, PMI VectorLink
  • Zeddy C. Bore, MPH, Country Operation Manager for the PMI VectorLink Project, Kenya, PMI VectorLink
  • Eggi Arguni, MD, MSc, PhD, Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Prosper Chaki, PhD, The Pan-African Mosquito Control Association

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