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24 Dec 2019

DELTAS Africa Phase II Call for Applications: Sustainable development focused

DELTAS Africa is a research capacity strengthening programme which establishes world-class research environments at African universities with a strong focus on creating training opportunities for the next generation of researchers. DELTAS Africa launches a second phase of the program and invites applications for health-, social-, and sustainable development-focused, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific programmes aligned to the initiative’s strategic areas and key outcomes – taking into consideration pressing local, national and regional research needs, resources, priorities and existing capacity.

The primary location of proposed programmes must be in Africa, and preliminary applications are invited from universities and research institutions based in Africa; institutions outside Africa are invited to collaborate on applications led by an African institution.

The DELTAS Africa II call shall receive applications for research in all priority areas including the broad underpinnings of social sciences and inter/transdisciplinary research particularly the nexus of health, food/nutrition, energy, and climate change/environment. 

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Applications deadline February 28, 2020.