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04 Oct 2019

Private sector SMS referral system pilot


Piloting a short message service (SMS) technology in the private sector to improve referrals and integrate private patient data into the National Malaria Information System (MIS) in Cambodia.

The project aims to strengthen malaria control and elimination in the Great Mekong Sub-Region. The objectives of this project are:

- To design and test an innovative SMS alert system with registered private providers in Pailin Province (zone 1) and Battambang Operational District (zone 2)

- To identify bottlenecks and challenges that could affect the effectiveness of a full scale up of this referral system through follow up interviews with private providers, patients and health centre staff

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Rationale and Abstract

Cambodia’s Strategic Plan to Strengthen Malaria Control and Elimination in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region, 2010–2014 highlights the need to incorporate mobile health technologies to improve surveillance systems and strategies to capture private sector data, and recommends integration of that data into public health information systems.

Malaria Consortium has demonstrated its monitoring and evaluation and surveillance expertise in Cambodia, helping to strengthen the National Malaria Information System (MIS) and, with partners, has previously piloted an SMS alert system for village malaria workers. 

This pilot project will assess for the first time the potential added value of a referral SMS approach to fully integrate malaria case reports in the MIS and enable a comprehensive picture of malaria burden in Cambodia that accounts for both public and private sector data and avoids duplication of cases registered in the public sector.

Study Design

The pilot includes 57 private providers and six health centres in Pailin Province (zone 1), and 16 private providers and three health centres in Battambang Operational District (zone 2).


2013 Apr - 2014 Mar

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