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24 Jul 2021

Malaria Elimination in Southern Africa (Elimination 8)


The goal of this project is to accelerate zero local transmission, especially in the four frontline countries (Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland) by 2020, and the second line countries by 2030, through the provision of a mechanism for collaboration and joint strategic programming.

Strategic objectives:

  • To strengthen regional coordination in order to achieve elimination in each of the E8 member countries;
  • To expand access to early diagnosis and treatment for border communities as well as mobile and migrant populations; and
  • To strengthen regional epidemiological and entomological surveillance systems by the end of 2017.
Principal Investigator
Rationale and Abstract

This funding request prioritizes a set of strategies and interventions that are designed to mitigate and minimize any external risks to elimination that countries face, thus creating an enabling environment and allowing the four frontline countries to eliminate.

100% of service delivery through this funding is targeted at mobile and migrant populations as well as underserved populations in border regions.


2009 Jan - 2021 Sep

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