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22 Jul 2022

mAbs for malaria vaccine development

This is an active Deep Dive and we welcome your contributions! If you are currently involved or planning research activities on mAbs for malaria vaccine development please contact MESA ( or add your project to the database.


WHO consultation to discuss malaria vaccines and biologicals research and development, with the aim to review the state-of-the-art in malaria vaccine development including new developments in the field, key challenges and opportunities, was convened by WHO in July 2019 [ref].
To facilitate the consultation’s work, MESA is compiling a landscape of recent and ongoing research in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for malaria vaccine development. mAbs can assist in the development of vaccines by acting as the starting point of ‘Antibody-guided vaccine design’, a new approach for vaccine development and one of the most relevant recent methodological advances in biomedicine. With this approach a panel of newly discovered neutralizing mAbs, from vaccinated or malaria infected humans, are isolated and mapped to find vulnerable epitopes that are used to design immunogens, thus potential vaccine antigens