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23 Jan 2020

Lab-on-a-disc to diagnose Malaria (DiscoGnosis)

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Lab-on-a-disc to diagnose Malaria (DiscoGnosis)

The DiscoGnosis platform will operate similarly to a CD player: a disc-shaped plastic disposable chip will handle the injected blood sample, distributing it among integrated microfluidic chambers and units using centrifugal forces. All necessary (bio)chemical components will be pre-stored on the disc, together with micro/nanocomponents for fully automated analysis in a precise, rapid, sensitive and multiplexed way with minimum external intervention. The involved technologies will enable diagnosis to be conducted closely to the patient and provide large populations with a modern diagnostic Point-of-Care tool in regions with low medical infrastructure. The platform will further enhance the “shield” of Europe against potential spread of the examined diseases due to climate change and globalisation.

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University Hospital Basel
Rohrer AG
University Medical Cente Göttingen (UMG)
University of Stirling (UoS)
Magnamedics Diagnostics BV
European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM)
Mast Group Ltd (MAST)

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