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14 Mar 2019

Cost effectiveness of G6PD screening

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Cost effectiveness of G6PD screening

A single infection with Plasmodium vivax malaria can cause multiple episodes of illness due to dormant liver parasites called hypnozoites.

Primaquine is the only drug available to treat hypnozoites but is under-used because it can cause life-threatening hemolysis in people who have an inherited condition called glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. In other locations, primaquine is given without testing for G6PD deficiency, putting patients at unnecessary risk of hemolysis. New rapid diagnostic tests provide the opportunity to screen for G6PD deficiency prior to primaquine treatment. Those who test as G6PD deficient can be given 8 weekly doses of primaquine instead of 14 days.

This resource is an interactive model for adaptation to other locations. Change the parameters below to see how they change the results on the right. The model assumes observed primaquine therapy.

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