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13 Jan 2023

Towards Elimination of Malaria in Tanzania (TEMT)


Towards Elimination of Malaria in Tanzania (TEMT) includes the following three outcomes:

  • Support cost-effective and evidence-based malaria control efforts at national level and decentralized in each epidemiological risk strata, in line with the current school malaria parasitaemia surveys (SMSP).
  • Enhancing multi-sectoral action in malaria control by including non-health sectors and particularly the private sector in the malaria control effort and extend this to cross-border and regional initiatives.
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge management strategy for malaria control in Tanzania and increasing the contributions and visibility of the Tanzanian experience at regional and global level.
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Rationale and Abstract

The TEMT project will benefit all Tanzanians (mainland and Zanzibar) suffering from the burden of malaria disease – particularly those in rural areas and those in the highest risk groups (pregnant women and children, individuals living with HIV).  Hence, the total number of beneficiaries is around 50 millions. By reducing the burden of disease from malaria substantially, the project will contribute to reduce the number of patients seen in health facilities, and alleviate poverty for all Tanzanians.


2020 May - 2024 Apr

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