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04 Jul 2019

Sahel Malaria Elimination Initiative (SaME Initiative)


The goal of the Sahel Malaria initiative is to accelerate towards the attainment of malaria elimination goals by 2030 in the Sub-region. This regional platform aims to combine efforts on scaling up and sustaining universal coverage of antimalarials and mobilizing financing for elimination. It also aims to fast-track the introduction of innovative technologies to combat malaria and develop a sub-regional scorecard that will track progress towards the goal of eliminating malaria by 2030.

Rationale and Abstract

The countries in the initiative will combine their efforts with the principle of we achieve more together to accelerate the fight against malaria; accelerate the implementation of universal access of populations to effective malaria control interventions; further mobilize necessary internal and external financial resources to achieve malaria pre-elimination and elimination; implement joint action plan to accelerate the fight against malaria; develop mechanisms for monitoring progress of the implementation of the joint action plan; and strengthen the institutional capacities of research.

Therefore, the SaME initiative will use the following main approaches to accelerate the combined efforts towards the attainment of malaria elimination in the sub-region.

  1. Serving as a platform for regional coordination
  2. Keeping malaria elimination high on the development and political agenda
  3. Sustainable financing mechanism Policy harmonization, synchronization of planning and resources – (policy and guideline, surveillance and data sharing, planning and conducting of interventions,)
  4. Cross-border collaboration and ensuring accountability – Sub-regional malaria Scorecard will be developed and used as a tool for joint monitoring and accountability. The tool will provide a sub-regional overview of malaria trends and policy implementation progress in each country.
  5. Platform for fast-track the introduction of innovative and progressive technologies. The initiative will ensure fast-track the introduction of innovative and progressive technologies that will make malaria elimination possible.
  6. Re-enforcing the Regional regulatory mechanism - it also facilitates the establishment or re-enforcing the Regional regulatory mechanism which also enables the region not only to ensure the quality of malaria commodities but also to facilitate fast track introduction of new tools.
  7. Establish malaria observatory and best practice sharing - efficient disease surveillance and information sharing