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16 Mar 2020

Quantifying malaria endemicity in Ethiopia: Implication for moving away from control towards elimination and eradication


General objective of the study

The overall objective of this study is to quantify malaria endemicity in Ethiopia.

 Specific objectives:

  1.  To quantify and describe malaria endemicity using three different techniques (spleenometry, parasitemia and antibody test)  and to compare the result to identify best fit method to the context
  2. To determine the level of hemoglobin and anemia among children included in the study (2-9 years) and examine its relationship with malaria infection and splenomegaly 
  3. To predict malaria endemicity from mean hemoglobin level and asses utility of the prediction model as alternative tool to measure malaria endemicity
  4. Modelling the Prevalence and the age-dependent Force of Infection Directly from Antibody Levels


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2015 May - 2016 Sep
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