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10 Mar 2020

MVVC 1 - Phase I and II clinical trials of viral vectored candidate malaria vaccines in East and West African children and infants


The Malaria Vectored Vaccine Consortium (MVVC) aims to develop a malaria vaccine candidate, while building capacity at the African clinical trial sites and driving the development of a strong network of its partners.

This project will aim to determine the following:

1. To integrate capacity building and networking in the conduct of clinical trials of the viral vectored malaria vaccine candidates ChAd63 ME-TRAP and MVA ME-TRAP administered with the prime-boost strategy.

2. To conduct phase Ib clinical trials of the ChAd63/MVA ME-TRAP vaccine, developed by UOXF, UK, to assess safety and immunogenicity in African adults and children.

3. To conduct phase IIb clinical trials of the same ChAd63/MVA ME-TRAP vaccine for safety and efficacy against clinical malaria.

4. To build capacity at the African partner sites, especially at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) and the Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme (CNRFP), in order for these institutions to be able to conduct clinical trials to internationally recognised standards.

5. To facilitate partner activities with established networks to build clinical research capacity and to network with each other to deliver project-specific goals.

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2009 Dec - 2015 Jun

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