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12 Jan 2022

Moving towards malaria elimination by strengthening surveillance in Mozambique


This project aims to support the Mozambique National Malaria Control Programme to develop a malaria surveillance strengthening plan to guide the implementation of effective interventions tailored to all transmission strata in the country.

The project is focused on building the foundation of a comprehensive malaria surveillance system to be implemented countrywide and to support the regional malaria elimination agenda.

Under the leadership of the National Malaria Control Programme, Malaria Consortium will engage with all malaria partners and stakeholders at national and regional levels to:

  • Assess the current national malaria information and surveillance system and identify key bottlenecks to be addressed
  • Generate additional epidemiological data on the origin of malaria cases in selected low transmission areas (Maputo City and Maputo Province) to strengthen case notification and investigation procedures
  • Map all sources of malaria-related information which should be integrated into an optimal surveillance system
  • Identify technical requirements for a functional integrated malaria information and surveillance system (iMISS), linked to the national health information system, and compiling data coming from multiple sources
  • Facilitate collaborative development of a Data-to-Action (D2A) framework, which will guide all partners and implementers through rapid feedback cycles to generate data to inform actions in relation to the implementation of various interventions across diverse malaria transmission strata.

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This process will guide the development of a national malaria surveillance operational plan capable of informing malaria control and elimination priorities and responses across the different malaria transmission intensity strata of the country. This will be a key milestone for Mozambique towards achieving its malaria control and elimination goals, which are nested within a Southern Africa partnership of eight countries who pledged to eliminate malaria in the region (Elimination8).

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2018 May - 2019 Apr

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