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16 Jul 2021

Isdell: Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative (IFCBMI)


The J.C. Flowers Foundation’s Isdell:Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative (IFCBMI) is committed to malaria elimination through community mobilization along the shared borders of Angola, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. IFCBMI aims to:

  • Strengthen networks of community malaria volunteers and community health workers.
  • Equip faith leaders to be champions for malaria elimination.
  • Engage village headmen and other traditional leaders, schoolchildren and teachers, and existing community groups to address barriers to malaria elimination.
  • Implement community action planning that is data-driven.
Rationale and Abstract

Since 2004, Isdell:Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative partners have worked with networks of local faith organizations and community volunteers, in collaboration with Ministries of Health, using strategies that are:

  1. Community-based, because people living in endemic communities are experts in local realities, and ultimately determine the success of malaria elimination efforts;
  2. Cross border, because parasites and mosquitoes do not respect national boundaries, and many families live on both sides and cross frequently;
  3. In partnership, because all are stronger when bringing out the best in each other and walking together as a community of scientists, local leaders, national governments, religious bodies, and multilateral and non-profit organizations; and
  4. Focused in “last mile” communities, which are often remote and economically poor, but where malaria elimination is essential.